About Kermit Auel

I’m a product designer with 19+ years of experience, skilled in user experience, visual design, user research, product strategy, and team management. I’m passionate about driving initiatives for accessibility, design systems, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

🏃 Runner, 🧘 Meditator/Yogi, and 🎧 Amateur DJ

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Design Principles

Customer focused

Start by discovering the needs and pain points of customers by listening during regular interviews. Validate solutions through assumption mapping, experiments and usability testing. In doing so offers customers solutions that are familiar, usable, simple and situational.


Create familiar behaviors that match a customer’s expectations. Write easy to understand text that guides them through each moment. Provided an intuitive experience through consistency and clarity.

Accessible and inclusive

Design usable experiences for everyone. Ensure accessibility compliance standards are met for each component. Recognize personal bias and reflect on the diversity of customers to provide different ways to complete tasks.


Reduce cognitive load by only showing what is necessary to complete the task at hand. Start with simplicity, then layer in complexity to gain flexibility. Remove superfluous elements from the interface to clear roadblocks in a customer’s workflow.


Meet customers where they are and adjust to their environment. Consider where they are and what device they are using. That can be a home, office or coffee shop and on a desktop, laptop or mobile.

Leadership Principles


Empathize with customers to identify and provide solutions for their needs, wants, and pain points. Uplift each designer to be recognized for their contributions.


Support individuals through mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring, and help to align them with team outcomes.


Share in the craft of design with teammates through collaboration, design thinking (diverge and converge), and critiquing.